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Comparing Corporate Housing

These are the 4 Factors to look for when comparing Corporate Housing. They are ranked in importance, with an explanation of how they affect Price. It is critically important to know what you are paying for, or why you are getting a great deal. The 4 Factors are:

Corporate Housing location is of utmost importance.

Take utmost care in selecting the neighborhood of your corporate housing. Location will have the biggest impact on livability.

1.) Location, Location, Location of Corporate Housing

This is the MOST significant factor in the price of any corporate short term housing. It is also the most important factor in the livability of a space. Be very, very careful that the housing is not in a bad neighborhood. Location affects everything about the experience. Location affects noise, safety, and access to shopping and entertainment. In corporate housing, location should be non-negotiable because the tenant lives on premises for a protracted time, unlike a hotel stay. This aspect of housing is difficult to discern, but is of prime importance. More Reading

Poorly furnished apartment

How much space do you need? Big spaces are costly. In corporate housing, poorly furnished big spaces usually indicate a bad neighborhood.

2.) Size of Furnished Apartments

Size of the corporate rental is easy to determine, and it has a large impact on price. However, it is subjective how important this is to the tenant. The rule of thumb is to get adequate size in a good neighborhood or small size in a great neighborhood. If you find a sizeable furnished short term rental that is cheap, then it is likely in a bad neighborhood, and poorly managed. Look at the furnishings in the pictures. Believe it or not, bad furnishings are an indicator that it is also a bad neighborhood. More Reading

Doorman out front

Some level of service and management at Corporate Housing has tremendous value

3.) Management of Corporate Housing

Management structure can add a significant cost to corporate apartments, but it is usually worth it…to an extent . A short term rental in a person’s apartment with essentially zero management overhead will lower the cost. Professionally manged furnished short term rentals with on site staff and which are professionally cleaned have a higher cost. Usually these professionally managed corporate rentals are more responsive, cleaner, and have fewer surprises.

Dog on a porch in corporate housing

Make sure that the amenities you want are deal breakers, not fluff.

4.) Amenities in Furnished Apartments

Sometimes the lack of an amenity can be a deal breaker, like not pet friendly, but amenities have less of an impact on price in the corporate housing market. In the luxury market it is the opposite. Amenities are at the top of the cost list. Sometimes in short term furnished rentals, the cost of amenities can be hidden under add on fees, so be careful.

Safe location in Downtown Minneapolis neighborhood for an extended stay hotel Minneapolis especially for traveling nurses.
Unique Victorian garden says it all for Minneapolis corporate travelers who want a beautiful, safe and centrally located furnished studio.

How does Oaklands Corporate Housing Rank?

Here is the scorecard:

  1. Location: (10+) Oaklands is in the exact center of downtown in a very safe neighborhood, walkable to everything
  2. Size: (5) Oaklands Studios are under 450 sqft and this is why they are more affordable.
  3. Management: (9) Oaklands does have daily on site staffing, but no front counter which has pros and cons
  4. Amenities: (8) Oaklands has free laundry, and great Wifi, paid parking, and no gym

By far the most important aspect of corporate housing is Location, followed by size. If you like a more compact space, it will save you considerable money. Oaklands is in a great, safe location, with lots of amenities.

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